Welcome to the story of WhyHunger’s initiative

Building Community Power for Food Justice.


Meet the networks involved and hear their stories from Mississippi, Arizona and California!

Networks for Change…

This is the story of WhyHunger’s four-year initiative to support three regional networks for change in a project called Building Community Power for Food Justice. From the Mississippi Delta, to southeastern Arizona, to the central coast of California, these are the stories, tools, inspirations and impacts of the networks’ partnership with WhyHunger to build a future of food justice for communities across the nation.

Using the collaborative network approach, grassroots leaders in these regions are organizing their communities and creating vibrant and resilient plans and projects for a local food system that benefits and reflects the priorities and values of the entire community . Their innovations and successes have attracted new resources to their communities, increased community engagement in health issues, raised regional and national awareness of local innovations for food justice, and brought real value and expansion to their local economies. By creating links between existing resources, and developing a collective and collaborative approach to addressing food system issues, the networks in all three regions catalyzed long-term change in the struggle to realize a future of food justice for everyone. We hope you will be as inspired as we are by their spirit, practical accomplishments and transformative visions!

Building Community Power: Timeline of Events

Fall 2009

February 2010

Fall 2011

November 2012