Resource: Leadership Commitment Assessment: Somos la Semilla

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A collaborative network is a great opportunity to build leadership in the community. The disbursement of roles and responsibilities allows for multiple stakeholders to take on different aspects of the network’s work. Sometimes, however, adding work to already full plates of volunteers or overworked staff can meet with resistance and reluctance based on capacity and other personal and professional factors in people’s lives. In 2011, the Somos la Semilla network developed a strategic plan and addressed the issue of needing to develop accompanying leadership by designing a 6-month trial period for the self-identified leadership team.┬áThe main purpose of the initial network leadership roles was to steward the vision of Somos la Semilla and to ensure accountability between the network leadership and members. This leadership commitment survey was used to assess interest, capacity and relevant skill sets for the leadership roles identified in the strategic plan.