Resource: Links to Planning & Community Mapping Resources



There are many good resources on strategic planning and community mapping. Here are a few we like:

Community Food Assessment Toolkits, WhyHunger’s Food Security Learning Center

Whole Measures for Community Food Systems, Jeanette Abi-Nader, Adrian Ayson, Keecha Harris, Hank Herrera, Darcel Eddins, Deb Habib, Jim Hanna, Chris Paterson, Karl Sutton, and Lydia Villanueva. Center for Whole Communities, 2009

Community Building Tookit: Community Asset Mapping Workbook, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages

Community Building Toolpacket: Surveying and Canvassing Tools, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages

We Rock Wall: A Workbook for Creating an Asset Map or Interest Inventory of Your Community, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages

Idea Development Plan Workbook, Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages

Farm to School Start-Up Kit, Washington State Dept of Agriculture, Kent School District Nutrition Services

Take Action; Create Change: A Community Organizing Toolkit, LCAT National Latino Council on Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention

Mapping School Food: A Policy Guide, Public Health Advocacy Institute