Communication & Outreach

Outreach Flyer: Delta Fresh Farm to School Project

Building connections between farmers and the students eating their produce is an important step in a successful farm to school program. The Delta Fresh Foods Initiative designed this flyer to put up in school cafeterias as part of the Delta Fresh Farm to School pilot project in three school districts in the Mississippi Delta.

Event Outreach Flyer: Somos la Semilla

Getting the word out about events and gatherings is critical to the success of a network. Every network has unique characteristics to consider- internet access, postage costs, social communication preferences of their members (does the community get all of its information from the local newspaper, the school bulletin boards, word of mouth, or the co-op?).

Press Release Template

Having a clear, well organized and professional approach to your local media contacts can result in coverage that serves as free outreach and advertising for your organization and your partners.